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Mooi geel is niet lelijk!

I'd been eyeing these bright yellow, green and cream Quick lace-up boots for a week or two...Yesterday, they finally came home with me. My Dad nearly choked on his ice tea when I showed them to him, they're that bright; and this morning, some of my co-workers shaded their eyes before commenting on my latest acquisition. In other words: they're a huge success. I think I might take them with me to Moonlight Rising, see what JM thinks! Maybe they'll inspire him to finally ditch those awful white trainers he seems so fond of wearing all the time.

Suzanna came in with a new do this morning, which has inspired me to scrape together all my courage and put myself back in the hands of my hairdresser again, because at the moment it just looks horrible. And if I can make an appointment with Juan, I'm sure he can salvage some of what his assistant ruined last time I went in. I know that sleek is all the rage these days, but my hair never wants to stay that way, and I'm too effin' lazy to bother with I hate all those sticky gels and stuff.

As usual, my weekend was far too short to fit in all the things I'd like to do, but at least I managed to watch and discuss Winding Roads with db2305 on Saturday. We got so caught up in the discussion, of WR, of JM, of AtS's recent cancellation, and of fanfic, that I never got around to inspecting her fashion purchases. Luckily, she remembered at the very last minute, and doubled back to show me her new pinkish/tan flat-soled sandals, which I'm sure will look marvelous on her this summer.

Kraftwerk are playing Amsterdam tonight. Unfortunately, I found out about it too late to get a ticket...and besides, I've got an elsewhere to be. Pity; I'll just have to make do with my CD-Rom drive today.
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