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Concert fever

One of my colleagues just appeared at my desk, flushed and excited from having looked all over for me (and apparently having done so last week and all) and bursting with the following bit of news: did I know who was going to do a gig at the Melkweg next month? Of course I did, I said, and did he know who already had tickets to that event? Visibly deflated, this person slunk off after my triumphant roar...but db2305, it looks like there'll be at least 4 other people there in the audience! Bummer, eh? We may have to fight for that spot in the front row, after all.

Though at the moment I'm far more concerned about securing tickets to another gig: Kane, my absolute all-time favourite band-from-my-hometown, more favourite even than Golden Earring, who were our town's pride and joy in the 60s, 70s and 80s and who scored a major international hit once with Radar Love, is all set to give a one of a kind showcase in Amsterdam on Thursday April 29th. One of a kind why? Because the concert is acoustic and electronic, because it's in support of their international release, because it's exclusive and for one time only and most importantly, because there are only 350 tickets available! And they go on sale from tomorrow, April 14th.
Now, I hope that that really does mean tomorrow, because I'd hate to have to find out first thing that all tickets sold out at 10 past 12 the previous night (I hate that annoyingly smug habit of some people to let the next day start at midnight, when I like to let it begin at sunrise and feel everyone else should, too), and with only 350 tickets available, chances are I'll even be too late at 7 o'clock in the morning, which is the earliest I can get to the box office. So fingers crossed, everyone!

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