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I hadn't been in the building 2 minutes -was literally still standing there in my coat and scarf- when a desperate user cornered me and told me that she couldn't access her server accounts. If there's one thing I don't like it's sorting out computers when I'm not awake yet, but today I don't think there's anything can put a dent in my good mood. S7 started airing on Dutch commercial television yesterday evening, and for once I'd tuned in to the right channel at the right time!

Let me tell you a secret: I am completely besotted with the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I discovered it by accident (the way these things usually happen) not much more than 8 or 9 months ago, and my former ordered, level-headed existence flew out the window and hasn't been seen since. Just my luck though, that when I finally decide there's something worth watching on telly, we're told it's going to come to an end soon. For me, now, that end is still some 22 weeks away (barring live coverage of snooker, darts, golfing and the only one I don't mind: football championships, which may set it back even further), but I'm also a complete spoiler whore so it won't be too long before I'll know exactly what that ending's going to be like. I'm not sure if I can live with that knowledge, but it's too late for me to stop now. Anyway, if you watch the show and have managed to remain a spoiler virgin, rest assured I won't discuss them here. I don't want to be responsible for ruining another's viewing pleasure.

So how does this besottedness of mine translate itself? Well, I used to have other interests; but these days, I spend most of my time on-line discussing the finer points of Buffy-lore with other, equally afflicted individuals. I do this while at work, when I should be concentrating on other matters; matters that may not be as intellectually stimulating, but attention to which will result in paying my bills. Right now e.g., I should be dealing with a problem that's arisen in Italy - but I think I'll leave it for another quarter of an hour and concentrate on finishing this entry instead.
I used to read proper books on all kinds of different subjects...now I read nothing but fanfic! If I come across a story that has no Buffy, Spike and/or the Scoobies in it, I'm not interested. My everyday language has become interspersed with BtVS expressions, and my colleagues look at me askance when I come out with blatant Americanisms.

I try to fit my social life (what's left of it) around BtVS. It doesn't matter whether it's a new episode or a repeat; I will only meet with people if there's no Buffy on, or be grumpy and distracted all through the evening, worrying that I may have set the VCR wrong. Or that the tape may run out, or the machine may break down. And I've REALLY got to get myself a DVD player...

Meanwhile, I can't be shagged with any of the important stuff in life. I should have had my tax return in by April 1st, but I hate doing my sums at the best of times, and now with S7 being aired...I don't think I can pry myself away from the box of an evening anytime soon. Perhaps the imminent demise of the series will get me to regain my focus, but for now all it does is temper this morning's good mood with a tinge of sadness and anxiety...
Oh well, cheer up; it's always darkest, and all that.

The news last night and this morning, of the war in Iraq, was actually quite heartening and I'm glad things seem to be winding down. Let's hope the coalition forces will soon be able to go home again!



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Apr. 10th, 2003 04:33 am (UTC)
Re: Introducing
Well, your morning sounds like it didn't start out in the most auspicious manner. But don't worry - I'm sure it will pick up (if it hasn't already - it occurs to me that's it probably the afternoon where you are by now)

Thanks for leaving us poor spoiler virgins in the dark ;-) You know how much I appreciate it! And glad you can see all of season 7 in its full glory now - just wait till you see the end of "Beneath You" on your telly!!

Any new fanfic recs today?
Apr. 10th, 2003 04:34 am (UTC)
Re: Introducing
Whoops! Forgot to tell you that it's me, Jules!
Apr. 10th, 2003 05:04 am (UTC)
Re: Introducing
As mornings go, Jules, it wasn't that bad. Actually, it was kinda slow which suited me perfectly: it gave me the opportunity to snoop around this LJ-community some more, see how other people use their webspace.

Isn't that the weirdest thing? You know how I've been complaining about the fact that I probably had months to wait yet...and then they sneakily start airing it. No weeks of trailers or anything - well, none that I've noticed, but then I don't usually tune into this channel anyway ;-).
Anyway, I'm glad to have seen it 'for real' this time, because even though C'd sent me the episode on CD months ago (for which I still can't thank her enough)...frankly, I prefer watching it on a television screen rather than on my computer. I'm working on getting a better one, though!

Any new fanfic recs, you ask? Yeah loads, but I thought you were engrossed in some already?

But since you're here, try diva_stardust/10734.html -- it's her first fic ever, and very good. Spike and Dawn, building bridges. I'll mail you my other recommendations in a minute.
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