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'New York, New York, it's a wonderful town'

How long ago did we plan this? A year, or almost. Ample time to get the pounds off, I'd have thought. So did I manage it? Did I, bollocks! Looks like poor JM is gonna be squeezed out of the picture (but that's alright 'cause he's gonna be bald and not!likeSpike in the slightest, so...why should I bother?)...

Still, I'm looking forward tremendously to my upcoming visit to New York. I can't believe it's a mere 6 weeks away (and only 3 weeks to the GotR gig in Amsterdam); I'm so excited about it! Last time I was there, I didn't get off Manhattan except for one occasion when I went to the ballet in Brooklyn, so I'm hoping to get a chance to this time...but I've only got 4 1/2 days before I have to go back again. Anyone got any ideas as to what I really have to make it my business to see/experience while I'm in the city? And bear in mind I've already done all the touristy stuff, soaking up the culture and looking around going ahhhhh!...all except the Statue of Liberty which I'm going to have to make sure to see this time round (I was on my way to Battery Park 3 years ago when I got waylaid and given a private tour of the NYSE and a lovely luncheon that lasted virtually all afternoon in the NYSE Club, and so the boat left without me). Any and all suggestions gratefully received!

calove and I are going to go up in a helicopter, I think (and maybe julchek will join us, even), but other than that we haven't made any definite plans for further entertainment yet. Which is fine by me, as I'm a very go-with-the-flow/spur-of-the-moment kind of person anyway, but I wonder: Cass, are there any things you particularly want to see/do on our trip? I'm game for anything, so don't feel you have to hold back!

Think it's about time I started to let people know I'm coming...now where's my little black book?



Apr. 23rd, 2004 04:44 am (UTC)
I hope the RSI gets better soon, G (..) *pets you gently*

::stretches like a cat, the better to be petted::
Thanks Jules; I hope it improves soon too, because it's particularly bad today, and I shouldn't have logged on really but I've got far too much to do to let it stop me.

Anyway, to answer your earlier question: yes, I did get in touch with Fran re: our stay in New York, but she hasn't come back to me with a definite yay or nay yet. I'm giving her a couple of more days, but if she can't have us, I'm meeting with someone from the IARF (=International Association of Religious Freedom) on Thursday and they've already offered to put us up in what they jokingly refer to as the House of Redemption, on E. 96th St if I remember correctly. However, the offer was made some time ago and I'm not sure it still stands, so...fingers crossed. I've also got another friend of a friend in Brooklyn I can try.

And if all else fails -- why, there's always the YWCA or a bench in Central Park ;-)

Cheesecake? Did anyone say 'cheesecake'?!