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Yesterday,db2305 informed me that James's new haircut's not half as bad as we all feared, so of course I had to come onto the 'Net and see for myself -- and she's right. It suits him very well. Just one look and I'm completely over the fact that it spells goodbye for Spike (Spike who?).

In other news: I'm thoroughly enjoying my time off. I'm filling my days with reading, (window)shopping, going to exhibitions, lunching or having dinner with friends and staying up late on weekdays simply because I can. I feel utterly relaxed and lots happier, although there are a few minor inconveniences such as no Internet access from home which means I'm falling behind on fanfic updates and general BtVS/AtS news. But I have a feeling it won't be for too long though, because Remco is the god of physiotherapy: already, after only one session, the pain in my arm feels a lot better. Their database told us that it had been 5 years since we'd last seen each other, but it didn't feel like such a long time for either of us; within 2 seconds we were back to our usual friendly banter and teasing, and yes, flirting -- which, when you're standing there half-naked because you forgot to put on a vest or something before you went there, wouldn't be an easy thing to do if you didn't feel totally at ease with the person you're trading quips with...and baring your soul to, because he really is that easy to talk to. Pity it now looks as if I won't be needing his help for more than a few weeks yet...Maybe I can injure some other part of me, so I won't have to wait another 5 years to go back to him...

Tomorrow is Queen's Day, our most national of holidays. There's carnivals in every town, and free markets in most of them too, where the children are allowed to spread a blanket in the street and sell whatever they want or have managed to find in their parents' attic. Here in The Hague, it kicks off with a huge open air concert tonight, where every band, whether well-known or not, will play a gig on one of the giant stages that have been erected all over the downtown area. There have been rehearsals all week, and it's been really enjoyable to come into town and have a listen a couple of times.

Tonight, I'm going to collect my new kitten and bring it home. I'm a bit worried as to how Leila and Clio will take it, but I hope they'll adjust to having a little brother around soon enough. Thank God I'll be home enough next week to be able to keep an eye on developments...I want Manasse to be accepted asap.
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