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Adventures in America, pt 3

The next day was cloudy and overcast, with the odd spot of rain -- perfect for doing the museum run, we thought. Unfortunately, I'd forgotten about the Guggenheim being closed on Thursdays, so Cass had to content herself with photographing the outside and lunch in the adjacent cafe, and since we were now in the neighbourhood, I took the opportunity to drop off a note for Fran, leaving it with the doorman (I hope he delivered it).

We'd taken the stroll through Central Park crossing to the Guggenheim; now we walked down Fifth Avenue to the Met, one of those museums that's always worth a visit simply because it's so vast there's always something you haven't seen yet. It also has one of the most amazing shops, and I watched in astonishment as a young girl of school age took 5 minutes to decide between two replica Byzantine rings, finally settling for the more expensive item: $5,500. Must have been out shopping with Daddy's credit card!

Before we knew it, we had spent several hours in there, and it was getting on towards late afternoon when we exited. We went into Bergdorff and Bendel, popped into Saks for five minutes, but strangely enough, and despite the sale being on in the shoe department, I couldn't find anything to tickle my fancy and my credit cards remained unused on this occasion. I left it up to Cass where and what we would eat, and she opted for a Mexican restaurant, where the portions were once again humongous.
I wonder if the staff at these places ever comment on the fact that I send 3/4s of whatever I'm given back? When I looked around me, the natives mostly cleaned their plates...Lord knows how they did it, or where they left it -- you don't see all that many grossly overweight people in the midtown or downtown areas.

By now, we were determined to get it right going back across the bridge. This was our last night and we weren't going to go back home defeated by the transportation system. And for once, our determination payed off. We got back to our hotel at a reasonable hour, and started watching a film on television. We must have dozed off pretty shortly after, because I woke up a couple of hours later finding the telly and the lights still on and my roommate fast asleep. I turned off the electrics, and slept some more.

On our last morning, Julie came up from Connecticut bringing her son Eric with her. We said goodbye to NYC by going up in a helicopter (all 4 of us), whizzing past the Statue of Liberty -- then Julie drove us to the airport and before I knew what was happening, I found myself aboard a McDonnell Douglas bound for Amsterdam. It was at once slightly strange as well as comforting to hear the conversations around me being conducted in Dutch again, and I looked forward to coming home, being greeted or ignored by the cats, and unpacking.
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