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Fun, fun, fun

After a gruelling journey into work, I arrived at a madhouse; people running around trying to locate their possessions, telephone system down, chairs and equipment gone missing, no network connection for most people, and no coffee in the machine! I saw what I had to do immediately, and tracked down a member of the kitchen staff to make me a pot the old-fashioned way.

Now I'm at my desk, sipping my coffee, and surveying all that's going on around me. My colleagues are taking this in their stride, getting on with sorting out their stuff; but Jobsworth's panicking, adding greatly to my amusement. He's on his mobile constantly, gesticulating wildly and puffing himself up - he'll give himself an apoplexy if he's not careful (wish he would).

Oops, we just lost our connection to the Internet -- wonder how long it'll take to sort it out this time; they never pull their finger out when the Intranet's still working. Some people have no idea of priorities! ;-)

I'm feeling much better today, even if I've got nothing to be smiling about. But I phoned a friend last night and told him my woes for hours, and he's given me a few tips and pointers that I think might actually help. If anyone knows anything of how to go about changing jobs, it's Marco. Everytime I see him, he's doing something else.

Oh, and I got my tax rebate, which means that soon I will no longer be dependent on hp or Internet cafés for updating my LJ.

So it took several hours for the Internet to come back on... the telephones are still down, though. Jobsworth's looking more pained by the minute. I'm enjoying watching his discomfort immensely. I'm a bad, bad person -- but I'm also the person that had to leave home at 6 this morning and won't be back before 8:30 this evening, at his insistence, so I'm looking on this as just retribution. Don't know why he should get so agitated in the first place: first day after a move is always a write-off.
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