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Nothing of any interest whatsoever

The weather's atrocious at the moment. There's a southwesterly on, so big gusts of wind coupled with a dense curtain of rain means that I'm soaked to the skin, and wet jeans are not my favourite item of clothing. I hope it dies down soon, because I'm not relishing the thought of having to go out there again, and quite probably finding that the trains have been cancelled due to the squalls.

I'm not at my best this morning. I stayed up late to watch the Panorama-interview with Bill Clinton last night, and only had about 4 1/2 hours of sleep. Still, the programme was worth it. Of all the American presidencies I've lived through so far, his is the only one I've ever believed in; and hearing the man speak, analyse and explain his actions and policies as president, I still believe in him. Not sure that I'll buy his book though, because it sounds like rather a dull exposé, and I'm not all that interested in politics anyway...well, no more than the average person at least.

Ronald Reagan died and was buried while we were the States, and whenever we switched on the telly, there was someone eulogising him. It was strangely mystifying to hear him praised as a great president and a great instigator of world peace, when the perception of him in Europe has been quite different. In the eighties, it was Gorbashev that we admired! (I'm afraid that if I think of Reagan at all, the image that springs to mind is that of his Spitting Image-puppet dressed in Superman-pyjamas).

We had our annual Homeowners Association-meeting the other night. In the Netherlands, when you buy a flat in an apartment building, you automatically become a member of that building's "vereniging van eigenaren", and together you're responsible for the upkeep of the communal areas (grounds, greens, communal gardens, hallways and access gates) and the building itself (outer walls, the roof, the sewers, front doors and windowframes and Lord knows what else). At these meetings, which are really rather dull, you go through the maintenance plans for the coming years, check the figures for last year's upkeep, decide which works need to be done first and by whom (or what firm we should ask for a quote), and work out the budget. The outcome of this particular meeting was that in order to have enough money in the kitty for the major maintenance service required in 2006, as of next month our individual contributions to the fund will have to be more than doubled. Most of my neighbours opted out of the savings fund at that unwelcome news, but I decided to stick with it. Yes, it's an expense and I don't know where I'm going to get the money from just yet, but at least if I pay it in the kitty now I won't have to worry about it when it comes time for the repairs to be done and I'm asked to cough up a huge sum as my share. This way, I'll be accumulating interest on it as well. Look at me being all savvy about money matters! Maybe there's hope for me yet...maybe one day, I'll even open a real bank account!

Also, I accompanied my Mum to the pictures a few days ago. We saw Sylvia...beautiful film.

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