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Random thoughts

I'm still up against it, which seriously hampers my ability to logon and makes me rather cranky, yes, cranky! Why does work always have to come first? It's so not fair!

Finally managed to take the time though, to find several of my favourite fanfic writers' LJs sites, so I can keep up to speed re: their output (and satisfy my curiosity as to who these people are, whether they put their trousers on one leg at a time same as me...surprisingly, it looks as if they do) and add their names to my friends section, which I feel slightly uneasy about...can one add another person's name to the friends list without asking their permission first? It's just, it's easier to find their journals again that way...but it does feel a tad presumptuous of me...

I wish I had more time to scour the web - from what little I've seen over the last few days, speculation is rife as to what form Spike will take upon his return to the screen next season. And most of what I've read so far is extremely funny. Some ideas are really quite good, too.

Meanwhile, I was shocked to discover that the nasty little TV schedulers have decided that we all should take a break...BtVS won't be back on until the autumn. They dare put us on hold after 'Sleeper'! Thank God I've already ordered the tapes for the first 11 episodes; if memory serves, I should have them by the end of the month...
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