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Gi's a job then!

Dear Sirs

Dear Sir/Madam

Yo! Dudes!

With regards to

In your ad, dated

I've spent the better part of the day trying to come up with a passable example of the dreaded motivational cover letter to go with my cv (that's resume for you New Worlders), and it's been hell. I haven't done this in a decade. I'm unbelievably rusty...and even if I'm a full 10 years older than when I last took the trouble, I'm still acutely embarrassed about the need to sing my own praises.

But the final blow came when at last, I had some sort of letter ready, and turned my attention to my cv. And found that, because I hadn't looked at it in years, it was completely out of date and unuseable.

::buries head in hands::

Oi! You!

Just gi's a job already, will ya? Surely there's no need for making me jump through hoops, is there? I can do it, I know I can! Oh, c'mon!
Tags: application, job hunting

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