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London calling

I had to drag myself out of bed (Manasse is getting far too boisterous lately) and into the office this morning, there to find an e-mail waiting for me in my inbox, and now I'm off to London for the weekend: SQUEEEEE!!!!

My artist friend Anneke has made it to the finalists of the 'international jewish artist of the year award' with her video 'Kreplach' -- the work of all 27 finalists can be seen in the Ben Uri Gallery in St. John's Wood week, I suppose (so if you're at a bit of a loose end and you're in the all means, drop in!) -- and the private viewing is being held there this Sunday evening, so I'm going! Booked my plane for Saturday morning, back Monday night...Ah! something to look forward to, at last!

And, I've also found quite an interesting job opening at the NGO Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC) in The Hague, which sounds like it might be perfect for me...or will be once I've finished re-writing my cv to suit it ;-). It will involve travel to New York on a regular basis...
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