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This was the week that was

I've uncharacteristically fallen behind on the updating of my lj. I've just been very busy at work, zombified by the long commute (I leave home at quarter past six, I'm never home before eight at night) and without anything even the slightest bit interesting happening in my life -- not that that last circumstance has ever stopped me before, but still...it's been a case of depressingly same old, same old the last few days.

I've bought another pair of shoes (nothing special, just burgundy and dark brown leather AllStars). I'm reading Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything, and enjoying it greatly. I think I may have lost some weight, mainly through living on soup and apricots at the moment (too knackered to cook these days). I have received confirmation that my application for the curator job has been received at the Architectural Institute (and that they're sorting through the pile now). I have smoked 2 cigarettes -- the first since giving up that filthy habit way back in Oct 1987. They made me feel light-headed...I wonder, am I on that slippery slope now? How long before my lungs are squeaky clean again? How many years did I just shave off my existence, and why don't I care if I did shorten it?

I've compiled a wish list for the computer I want to buy. A friend of mine has offered to sell me his fairly new one, and I've agreed to come and look at it soon. He knows a lot about computers, and he says he's willing to make me a good deal, so what if it hasn't got a 19" TFT monitor? Still, I'm not sure.

London tomorrow...if that doesn't get my spirits up, what will?


Jul. 20th, 2004 04:09 am (UTC)
Spoil yourself rotten and hang the consequences!

I'm pleased to reportt hat I've done just that. Nothing gets a girl's spirits up like a spot of retail therapy, does it?

Something will come up soon to brighten your life

I hope so, too. New job, perhaps? I've been discussing it with my friends this weekend, and their input has helped boost my confidence, so...who knows!

Except stop with the cigarettes! Before you know it you'll be a nicotine patch addict supping Red Bull and just look at what that does to people ::shakes head sadly::

Oooh, scary thought!::shudders::You're right, and I will.


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