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Meme, gacked from witling

Wearing: black leather trousers, mustard colour top, black cardigan, black & grey & white socks, my trusty old hiking boots (Salomons) which started off life orange & purple, but have now become rust colour & mauve

Hair: disastrous; desperately needs trimming

Makeup: the usual: Boots No 7 transparant face powder, Lancôme Définicils black mascara

Ate today: 2 slices brown bread, kibbeling (fried pieces of cod), glass of orange juice, 2 cups of coffee

Thing last said: "Aaaaaargghh" (computer failure)

Last phone call: about an hour ago

In your bag: pens, address book-cum-agenda, raincoat that folds up really tiny (or would if I could remember how to do it exactly), clip-on radio & earphones, mobile phone, paratti's Samson and the Broken Dolls, Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything, make-up, keys, purse, Always (pads), lint

Playing on your iPod: nothing, don't have one

Desktop picture: a safe, boring picture of some musical instruments

Last watched on tv: an item on Userkare's lost monument on the Discovery Channel -- yep, never heard of it, either.

Last website visited: duh!

Plans for today: get through it unscathed

Last thing bought: lunch

Last showered: last night, before my period snuck up on me (bloody period, does that every time!)

Last IM: Instant Messaging, right? I've yet to receive/send the first one

I need: the love of a good man...failing that, chocolate

Looking forward to: sleep (perchance to dream)

Worst part of the day: between 3 and 4 p.m. -- about now-ish

Best part of the day: coming home and seeing three eager little faces waiting for me in the window (Leila, Clio & Manasse)

Favorite person of the day: Carol (from Scotland), who sent me a mail specifically to cheer me up today

Thinking about: what shoes to bring to London

Current annoyance: work not progressing
Tags: memes

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