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Oh no! I'm drabbling again!

Blame desdemonaspace, who a few days ago asked me whether I would ever write again? "Oh no," quoth I, "my writing days are over!"

And I meant it, too.

Then when I logged on this morning, there was this meme doing the rounds, and curiosity being my middle name, before I knew what I was doing, I was reading these little icon drabbles all over my FL, clicking to see people's user icons, and then when I came to calendae's, two things happened:

I saw <= this icon

and wrote this drabble:


Once, Olaf had given her two matching pieces of amber he'd brought back from a raid on the Baltic coast. She had treasured them, been proud to have them...until she had learned Rannveig had received a similar gift from him. She had thrown the pieces out with the trash, and not been able to find them again when he had wormed his way back into her affections.

It wasn't long after that that she had met D'Hoffryn, who'd given her a beautiful pendant. For 1000 years, this pendant had been the source of her power and her pride, her greatest treasure. It had given her a purpose and an identity, one that allowed her to feel invincible. When it was shattered, she'd almost broken with it.

And in her broken state, she'd attached herself to Xander, forging a new identity out of the love she bore him. But there was a desperate quality to her attachment to him, the feeling that something she couldn't quite put her finger on was missing. Now though, blinking back the sudden onset of tears as she looked down at the ring he offered, she knew she was made whole again. As Anya Christina Emmanuelle Jenkins soon to be Harris, she would never have to fear annihilation again.
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