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Surveying the flat with a critical eye this morning (following the beam of sunlight that miraculously found its way through the cloud cover and into my living room), I had to concede that the place is a pigsty! I've never been particularly house-proud (a cursory wipe with a damp cloth will usually suffice as far as I'm concerned), but I've been really letting it go quite a bit in recent weeks...well, working stupid hours during the week and not bothering with much in the weekends will do that, I suppose. Deciding to bring in another cat hasn't helped matters, either: the place is a war zone with broken earthenware and potted plants turned to shreds everywhere. Wish it was just the living room, but the kitchen's a mess, and so is the study...There's tons of paper lying about, too -- all these fanfics I've been trying to keep up with have taken over my quarters! ::headdesk:: I've got to do something about it, and pronto: I've got people coming on Friday!

Actually, I've no idea what they're coming round for. I wasn't paying any special attention when I agreed they could all converge on my place and get changed there, but from the last part, I understand we're off somewhere -- hmmm, this could be the perfect opportunity for me to wear my new skirt out in public for the first time! Hope it'll fare better than my new shoes: stupid crazy paving our councils insist on using for our streets has ruined many a fine pair of heels in my collection, and my latest acquisition is the last in a long line. ::sigh:: I don't know why I bother, sometimes...

Meanwhile, it looks like I'm all set to go back to Blighty for the last week in August; a friend of mine has asked me to accompany him on a trip to London for a couple of days, and calove has invited me down to Kent...and hey! bogwitch! Do you think we could see you, too? Just a thought...

And going through my mind is a song by The Smiths that's remarkably apt: forget about computers and books, I want a boy for my birthday. But where can I get one?
Tags: plans, real life

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