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Out with the old, in with the new

Tomorrow's my birthday. To commemorate this joyous event, I've decided to do away with my old background of a JM jumping around onstage and put up that of a festive-looking marzipan rose (in hopes that this will prompt someone to remember to bake me a cake, or get me a bunch of flowers).

I've taken the day off tomorrow, and will spend it in the company of some of my oldest and bestest friends. The Met tells us it's going to be a scorcher, with thunderstorms threatening the late afternoon -- good. It wouldn't feel like my birthday if it wasn't raining through some of it. According to my Mum, I was born during the worst thunderstorm she can remember, and it's felt like sort of a tradition to me ever since. I'm not fond of rain, but I love thunderstorms. The bigger, the better.

Oh, will this day never end?
Tags: birthdays

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