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Country remedy

What a difference a few days away from the pressures of work, and the constant fighting of the cats at home, makes! After a week in the English countryside with calove and her family, I feel just about ready for anything. Biggest new product introduction of this entire year? Bring it on! It poses no challenge for me, for I am Relaxo-Girl, fresh out of the green hills of Kent.

calove, I owe you a debt of thanks greater than I can ever repay. You and your family have made me feel so welcome that from now on you stand in real danger of me returning to your doorstep again and again...beginning from next month when I'll meet you for CoRo's appearance in Milton Keynes ;-). Of course, I hope you know that you're always welcome over here, too.

Ah! Where shall I stop singing calove's praises? This'll probably embarrass her, but mention must be made of her amazing organising and entertaining, not to mention bread-baking, salmon-cooking and curry-making skills, and of course the wonderfully imaginative writing skills for which she is already justly becoming a teeny-weensy bit famous. And now that I'm got rid off and she needn't play tireless hostess anymore, I'm sure she'll soon go back to posting more chapters to Moving On. I certainly hope so.

What did we do in this week that started off with a tiny hitch? Too many things to list, but I'll try anyway: we went picknicking and climbing at Bodiam Castle. We wandered through the gardens and castle, and watched the jousting at Hever (just down the road from where the family live). We spent a rainy day at Bluewater Shopping Centre and took the kids to see Garfield The Movie. We went on the London Eye - touristy but great fun (marvelous structure)! We had pub lunches. We sat and drank Pimm's in the garden. We flew kites. We had a penalty shoot-out. And on Thursday, we met hesadevil and bogwitch for lunch in Holborn -- and lunch lasted 3 hours then turned into an afternoon's stroll through Covent Garden and environs...which ended in me talking hesadevil into buying a new pair of jeans. calove needed no persuasion to buy herself a nice belt in the sales, but I was disappointed by the last of the sales in L K Bennet's, one of my favourite shops.

Still, earlier, whilst showing calove round my manor of Knightsbridge & South Kensington, I had managed to snag a wonderfully elegant pair of two-tone heels from Jones Bootmaker in Brompton Rd, so I'm not complaining. I didn't bring home a huge haul this time (Monsoon had nothing to tempt me either), and I forgot about getting myself some decent underwear from M&S, but there's always next time.

Stupidly, I'd neglected to bring the belt to my Whistles' skirt, that has a damaged sparkly bead on it, into the country with me. The shop assistant assured me that it could be exchanged if I brought it in, so this seems like a job for SuperCass again! ;-)

Anyway, better check on what's been happening all over LJ while I've been away...



Aug. 31st, 2004 04:00 am (UTC)
But I do want to go back! Re: greasy food... I remember fish-n-chips wrapped in newspaper. Do they still have that, or have they gone all Styrofoam? I had good Indian food and French food there, though. (Who was it who said that in hell, the gov't is French, the police are German, and the cooks are British?) Heh.

Punk was big. Spiky Mohawks on fellow tube riders put you in danger of getting an eye poked out. And the smell of diesel always puts me in mind of London. In a good way, strange to say! I remember thinking you could never wear white. It'd get filthy in a heartbeat.

Oh! I just posted a pic of my kitties! (I got a digital camera for WriterCon.) Go look at my babies. :-)
Aug. 31st, 2004 05:41 pm (UTC)
Who was it who said that in hell, the gov't is French, the police are German, and the cooks are British

Oy! I heard that!

I'll have you know I can cook... if I absolutely have to...;)

And yes, you can still get fish and chip in newspaper, and excellent curries. Come! Visit! Stay a while!
Aug. 31st, 2004 06:27 pm (UTC)
Oh, you tempt me! I'm the biggest Anglophile that ever Angloed. (You know I was only teasing about the food!) Seriously, I love English food. Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding... Mmmmmm!

Wah! I want to take a trip! WriterCon pretty well tapped the travel budget for a good long while. (I am going to go up and close the cabin for the winter. It never did get summery here.)

When I was in England in '78, I remember touring an old castle on the coast at Dover. Don't remember its name. It was in pretty good repair for being about 900 years old. And we were by Hever, but didn't get to go in. (That's a lovely part of England.) I think we were on our way somewhere else. We went from London to Kent then west across the south coast and moving northwast toward Wales (but not actually going there), stopped in Bristol (because my traveling companion had an audition at the Bristol Old Vic), then up to Scotland, and back down to Wales. Stayed in the Brecon Beacons and I climbed Mt. Snowdon! Then back to London. Whew! But I'd come back in a New York minute, to mix a metaphor.

There's a little finished ficcie in spiketara. Couldn't have done it without you. :-)
Sep. 3rd, 2004 10:07 am (UTC)
Well if ever you do make it, I have a free room open only to fellow Spike lovers.

Sorry I haven't caught up with your fic - been offline for what feels like forever! But I'm going there right now....