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Perhaps I should have just waited a bit...

Right. Looks like I've been jumping the gun again. Why can I never just sit back and wait for developments? Don't I know that good things come to those that wait? Aaarrrggghhh!

I've arranged to go see Common Rotation in Milton Keynes on Oct 2nd. It was the first I heard of any date they were contracted to in the UK this year, and I was afraid of missing out if I didn't snap up a ticket straightaway, even if they're appearing as the musical interlude to a massive sci-fi convention party (1,000 plus people -- really not my scene).

Still, not quite content with this (and who would be?), I felt I had to try and find out if there would be any other dates (I figured it wouldn't be good business sense if they came over for just the one gig), and so I sent my spies to Oakland with a detailed briefing -- and now I've just heard back from them. Having quizzed Adam on my behalf, this comes straight from the horse's mouth:

YES, there will be more shows, and with respect to where else they will be playing, in about a week, the UK venues and dates will be listed on their website. And (joy of joys), Jordan will be with them as well.

I will need to arrange for more time off from work, because if I can catch them at a later, smaller venue, that would certainly make me happier -- although I'm not sure at this stage if I can get anyone to come with me...and it means I still have to put off booking a flight until I know more. Damnit, Adam! You could have just let me know if you'd be touring for x amount of weeks!
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