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hedwig is one frustrated chick

Ain't it the truth?

hedwig is left high and dry
hedwig is the story of a man who tries to escape the brutality of east berlin by becoming a woman and marrying an american
hedwig is a comedy
hedwig is far better
hedwig is the story of a transexual rock singer born as a man
hedwig is a cult hit los angeles daily news
hedwig is obsessed with her ungrateful creation
hedwig is his/her story
hedwig is both strong and vulnerable
hedwig is concerned with the fractured
hedwig is left fuming in his shadow
hedwig is by far one of the best of year; he acts
hedwig is not
hedwig is still going strong
hedwig is born
hedwig is hot
hedwig is the first movie musical in recent memory
hedwig is bitter
hedwig is the first brilliant movie of 2001
hedwig is dazzling and highly cinematic work that thumbs its perfectly powdered nose at convention
hedwig is an east german man who falls for an american gi and signs up for sex change which doesn't quite work
hedwig is a large female snowy owl
hedwig is a boy
hedwig is on a search for
hedwig is a unique theatrical experience
hedwig is dumped
hedwig is keenly aware of this sardonic
hedwig is born hansel schmidt
hedwig is distrusted by
hedwig is a drag queen with one inch remaining from a botched communist sexual reassignment procedure
hedwig is born hansel
hedwig is an exhilarating reinvention of the movie musical
hedwig is alone
hedwig is a must see movie; the music
hedwig is both more meaningful and more fun
hedwig is a truly gifted singer
hedwig is a different monster
hedwig is left alone once again feeling rejected spiteful and jealous
hedwig is a woman's name
hedwig is her own
hedwig is the lead singer of her band the angry inch
hedwig is left in kansas city by the gi she also watches the berlin wall come down
hedwig is a rocker who was born male
hedwig is the screen adaptation of john cameron mitchell's
hedwig is left with nothing but a sexless "angry inch" between her legs
hedwig is no ?sweet transvestite from transylvania
hedwig is more a character study than a narrative
hedwig is the cross dressing east german boy who left behind a life under the iron rule of berlin for romance and rock?n?roll in america
hedwig is a one
hedwig is more than just a 70s flashback
hedwig is abandoned again
hedwig is an east german drag queen who
hedwig is so honest
hedwig is 32
hedwig is that it falls short of being a masterpiece
hedwig is an east berlin drag queen who leaves her native city following a botched sex change operation
hedwig is de leadzangeres van de groep hedwig and the angry inch
hedwig is telling her life story in her songs
hedwig is a tortured soul both on stage and off
hedwig is distinctly different
hedwig is the story of a
hedwig is approximately 1
hedwig is
hedwig is abandoned
hedwig is a boisterous punk rocker whose issues are displayed with
hedwig is the story of hansel
hedwig is the somewhat temperamental little owl that belongs to harry
hedwig is the lead singer/songwriter for his
hedwig is an east german transsexual with an affinity for platinum blonde
hedwig is a loyal companion to harry
hedwig is when hagrid buys her from the eeylops owl emporium for harry potter's tenth birthday present
hedwig is what?s really going on
hedwig is a
hedwig is on a worldwide tour of the most unlikely of venues possible
hedwig is one frustrated chick
hedwig is suing tommy for running off with her songs as well as her heart
hedwig is it
hedwig is "thrilling

Seriously though, is this why people keep asking me whether 'Hedwig' is a boy's name, too? Because I'm sick of telling people no, it isn't - not historically, and not etymologically.
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