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I usually let world events pass me by without comment. It's not that I don't have any opinions, I just don't voice them here, because that's not what my journal is about. That's about me and my escape from the daily grind. World events really don't come into it.

Today, I'm making an exception. I feel I need to express my anger, frustration and disgust at the Chechen terrorists who are holding a schoolful of children hostage in the Caucasus, and who are threatening to kill 50 of them for every member of their gang that police snipers may be able to bring down. Children! In a world in which acts of terrorism have become commonplace, threatening the lives of children in order to achieve one's political and/or religious goals only shows that however low terrorists may sink in general, there's always a group that can sink even lower still. This particular group of people has lost all claim to humanity and respect in my eyes -- they have to be complete sick fucktard bastards to even dream up such a scheme, let alone put it into action!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that when I get home, I'll hear that the children have been released unharmed (although that qualification would have to be relative -- imagine your parent or teacher shot dead before your very eyes on your first day at school!) and the terrorists have all been captured and will be facing trial very soon. But between the terrorists on the one hand, and Putin and the Russian generals on the other, and the fiasco of the storming of the Moscow theatre fresh in our minds, I really don’t think that's all that likely.
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