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Hot date

A few weeks ago, Mick rang to ask me out, and his phone call made my heart swell with pride and pleasure - how many (almost) 15-year-old BigBad wannabees do you know want to be seen dead in public with their frumpy old auntie, let alone take her to a gig by one of their idols where they're sure to run in to several of their friends? Of course, Mick did have an ulterior motive in that his mother had only agreed to him going IF he could find a responsible adult crazy enough to accompany him, but it still felt good to know mine was the first name on his list. Although I possibly didn't quite mean that the way it sounded...

Anyway, I can now boast to have seen and heard Marilyn Manson perform, an artist I don't particularly care for but who Mick believes is a god. He's at that awkward age where he's desperately trying to assert himself by trying to convince us all that he really is sullen, ill-mannered and obnoxious...although he can't quite manage to pull it off. Sure, he'll shout and pretend he can't string two words together without at least some effin' an' blindin' inbetween, and he'll give you the fingers (yes, the old-fashioned fingers!) when he thinks you've turned your back already, but he really is a sweetheart. Always was, always will be, no matter how bad he tries to look the part: jeans riding ridiculously low on his hips, requiring several tons of bicycle chains wrapped round them to keep them from sliding down his thighs completely, and -get this!- black nail polish (I wonder who could possibly have been the role model for that?). The piercing in his left eyebrow was last year's birthday present from his mum, who had to come with in order for him to get his wish; and the bleach-blonde spikes I talked him into last time we were at the hairdresser's together. Sometimes I suppose, it sucks being the child of punk generation parents and family.

About Marilyn Manson: don't ask me how the concert's been 'cause I couldn't tell you. It was OK I suppose, but I'm not a fan and I really didn't pay too much attention. Mick, OTOH, 2 days later still has to come back down to earth, so I guess the evening's been a complete success in his book!


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Jun. 18th, 2003 07:36 am (UTC)
Marilyn Manson, huh?
Well, I can't say that I have even heard anything done by Marilyn Manson, although of course I have heard of him (I'm not that far out of the loop LOL). I think it's sweet that Mick thought of you as the responsible adult to accompany him. I guess the concert for him would be like you going to meet James at a convention, right? And we know what that would feel like, don't we? ;-)

Enjoy your day, G.

Jun. 23rd, 2003 07:42 am (UTC)
Re: Marilyn Manson, huh?
I guess the concert for him would be like you going to meet James at a convention, right? And we know what that would feel like, don't we?

Erm...well, you do, at least! Me, I can only dream...
Jun. 18th, 2003 08:40 am (UTC)
You're a very cool auntie ;-) I can only hope that my little nephew (who's 6) sees me as cool enough to hang out with when he's older too.

And Marilyn Manson is much too intense for me -- no fun in his music, it's all doom and gloom.
Jun. 23rd, 2003 04:01 am (UTC)
Re: MM
And Marilyn Manson is much too intense for me -- no fun in his music; it's all doom and gloom.

EXACTLY! I kept thinking 'Oh please, lighten up!' all through the gig.

It just goes to show how much things haven't changed since my teenage years; I listened to Joy Division's 1977 debut album again for the first time in ages yesterday and suddenly I realised how despairing we all were of ever finding love, meaning and above all, gainful employment, in those days. The recession we were in then seemed never-ending; politics were a dirty word; cruise missiles would destroy the world and there was no point in ever having children...and so we danced and did drugs because none of it really mattered.

I'm glad I've since gained a much sunnier view on life, really ;-) - I only hope Mick and his fellow MM-fans will too, once they're older.
Jun. 18th, 2003 11:14 am (UTC)
Lookie, lookie!

I'm an actual LJ entity now! Check it out julchek. And I've got you on my friends list, naturally :-)

Now we HAVE to get Cass out here (are you listening, Cass?)

Jun. 18th, 2003 02:09 pm (UTC)
Re: Lookie, lookie!

Oh, look! A Spike pic. Sigh........

Did someone say something?
Jun. 23rd, 2003 04:09 am (UTC)
Re: Lookie, lookie!
Oh go on Cass, make my day...Please? I wanna sire someone so badly! ;-)
Jun. 23rd, 2003 04:13 am (UTC)
Re: Lookie, lookie!
Cool! And I've 'friended' you, too...even if I'm still a bit miffed at you for changing your mind about starting an LJ and NOT COMING TO ME about it.

BTW, did I tell you how much I love the 'Spike Lives' T-shirt yet? You're an absolute star for sending it!
Jun. 23rd, 2003 11:14 am (UTC)
Re: Lookie, lookie!
Don't be miffed - to be honest, I hadn't given it too much thought, and when Claudia offered it (the code) to me, I got impulsive about it. No offense meant to you at all *puppy dog eyes, here*

I'm glad you like the "Spike Lives" shirt - they're great, aren't they? And did you check this out? http://www.tvmerch.com/cgibin/shop/tvcart.cgi?ACTION=thispage&thispage=buffy.htm&ORDER_ID=592992510

Look for the "Spike Lives" bumper sticker on this, and I would insert a picture of it if I could figure out how to do it...
Jun. 18th, 2003 02:07 pm (UTC)
Hey, frumpy!
"frumpy" and "old" are not two words that come easily to mind when I think of you I have to say (cool and tasteful with a side order of barking, yes)

You have a lot to answer for...*shakes head sadly and sighs in mom mode while trying not to grin at the thought of such a cool nephew and secretly hoping my little one turns out to have as much individuality but without the eyebrow piercing (ugh)*. Actually, my six-year old already does a great line in sullen and obnoxious.

And, OK, I'll admit it - never heard of Marilyn Manson.....

Great to hear you are still in the land of the on-line. Will you PLEASE give in AND GET YOURSELF A HOME COMPUTER!! We miss you!

Jun. 23rd, 2003 04:10 am (UTC)
Re: Hey, frumpy!

Can't, I'm afraid.
Jun. 24th, 2003 03:39 pm (UTC)
Re: Hey, frumpy!
Jun. 24th, 2003 11:49 pm (UTC)
Re: Hey, frumpy!
Do you have ANY idea how many FORMS I'd have to fill out??? And the discount itself -- really not worth it. I can do a better deal in any high street store.

Oh, it's just...computers and me...they don't speak to me, in that way that says 'Buy me! Buy me!' -- you know, like shoes do. And do you know how many shoes I can buy for the price of one computer???

Besides, if I got a home computer, with all the trimmings, I'd be like you: I'd never sleep. And it wouldn't be long before the words 'frumpy' and 'old' really would describe me most accurately.
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