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Some days are better than others

And today hasn't been as bad as I feared it might be. Granted, after 2 months on the job and quite a lot of molly-coddling our latest boffin still doesn't seem to know how to build a CAB-file worth shit, which means another deadline missed due to forces beyond my control; but I've decided I'm not going to let it bother me. Life's too short, and all that -- and besides,

* I'm going out to dinner tonight;
* I have a day off tomorrow;
* I'm going go-karting day after tomorrow;
* and I'm going to see CoRo in 2 weeks...

Who can be down in the dumps with all this to look forward to?

I also got my brand new (old) desk (because recycled, but it's better than the flex desk they had me working on until this morning) to tide me over until the brand spanking new furniture that I bullied HP into buying (going on and on about my recent RSI complaints in every meeting I had with site management over the last 2 months) will arrive in 8-10 weeks time. I've finally got enough room to make use of PC, telephone and writing pad at the same desk! Now all I need to campaign for is a nice LCD/TFT screen, and I'll be entirely happy.
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