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Getting ready for CoRo

These days, it seems that wherever I turn, it's about Manchester. An ex-colleague has recently moved to Manchester. I bump into another ex-colleague and guess where her current employer has just sent her on a 3-day training course? Manchester! An article in the paper the other day highlighted pubs and other places to be in Manchester. An item on the news yesterday introduced the new tilting trains that can take you from London to Manchester in under 3 hours. I think somebody up there might be trying to tell me something -- about Manchester. CoRo are going to be playing Manchester...

Usually, I'm the most disorganised of people, so it's quite a novel experience for me that as far as accommodating my CoRo madness goes, it all seems to be coming together nicely. I've booked my planes, my trains, and in a sense, my automobiles as well as I fully expect calove to come pick me up and deliver me to the MK Dons stadium for the minitour kick-off on Oct will, won't you? ::puppydog eyes::

My tickets for the London and Manchester shows should be ready and waiting for me at the respective venues; and as for the MK ones, Showmasters have said they will be sending out the tickets this week. I really hope they do, because October isn't all that far away now and I won't rest easy until I actually do hold them in my grubby little hands.

My mate in Manchester has even come back to say that I'm welcome to the spare room, but if it's at all possible, I think I'd rather stay in a hotel where I can come and go as I roissy0, if your offer of sharing a room is still valid, I think I'd like to take you up on it!

BTW: does anyone know anything about electrics? The light in the bathroom has gone out this weekend. At first, I thought the bulb needed changing, but it wasn't that. So then I thought the fuse might have blown, and I changed that. Still no joy. So then I took the outlet apart and gave myself a nasty shock -- but I didn't see any wires that had come loose or anything, and that's me out of ideas...
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