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Himmelhoch Jauchzend-Zum Tode Betrubt

This is unhealthy. I really shouldn't be feeling this way, but -- bloody hell! how can they do this to me?

Yesterday, I was feeling on top of the world because it seemed like it was all coming together nicely for my upcoming cross-country CoRo marathon. Booked my planes, my trains and everything.

Today though, the blighters have put up an additional 3 dates to their tour! Blast, blast, blast, and blast once more! With a little more advance notice, I could have incorporated these dates into my already overcrowded schedule. Not sure I could have gotten to Ulster, but Scotland...might have been doable. Now though...aaarrrrgh! I wonder, would it be possible to go up to Glasgow and back to Manchester again in a day making use of public transport? Hmmm...this requires looking into...

Meanwhile, some of my friends across the pond are getting ready to go to the Nov 12th gig in New York. And of course, I'm cordially invited to join them. It's hard, but I just about manage to say no to going over there when I'm reminded that I'm actually overdrawn (again)...I haven't completely maxed out on my credit cards yet, but...

Then the CoRo newsletter (there's a newsletter?) has this to say: "the release date of The ClearChannel EP on November 12th will coincide with a strategic show at The Bitter End in New York City. After being away for at least three months you tri-state area fans better report for duty. No one is going to forge these documents for you. Corn Mo will be opening for the band on this long celebratory night. (..) If that isn't enough to get you to the show then Common Ro is right there to sucker you down to Bleeker Street. The first 100 people to buy The Clear Channel EP that night will receive a FREE, (yes I said FREE, as our gift to you), limited edition Hotel Café Vol III. Yes, you heard me soldier! There will be a new live release available that same night. If you're in the area and you miss this event then you need to seek serious psychological counseling."

And I'm thinking I already need that psychological counseling because I'm actually contemplating throwing monetary caution to the wind (well, it's only money, innit, and you can't take it with you!) and booking myself onto the next available flight out, just so I can get my hands on that limited edition CD. How sad am I?

And what's happening to me? 4 Months ago, I'd never heard of these guys. Now, I'd follow them halfway across the world? I need my head read.
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