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I don't know what's going on with me today, but I seem to be getting myself into one girly conversation after another...and I'm the one that's starting them, too. My colleague Priscilla wanted to discuss something with me seriously, but she never got the chance because I was distracted by her sparkly pink lipstick and asked her whether it was Max Factor or Maybelline. Neither, turned out it was Glam Shine by L'Oréal...and before too long we were rummaging through each other's makeup bags extolling the virtue of Lancôme vs. Helena Rubinstein, and how the one cream works better than the other, and what supposedly matte finish foundation will REALLY deliver...
All morning I've been complimenting people on their attire, haircut, aftershave; I'm sure I'll find a pair of shoes to drool over on someone's feet before the end of the day, too!

Speaking of which, have you all noticed how (suddenly) red pumps are in again? I saw 4 pair on the train coming in to work this morning. It reminded me that I still have a beautiful pair of fire engine red suede slingbacks lying about somewhere in the back of the closet...or should have...I think I wore them last some 10 or 12 months ago, so they're due for another day out in the open...but what to wear them with? Unfortunately, I'm already wearing my brand new brown and white stripey bellbottoms today, so they won't be eligible for another 8-10 weeks after this...Oh I know! I've got a pair of tan slacks on the ironing stack that's been there since last September..darn, means I'm going to have to set up the ironing board again :-(

I'm also campaigning to be elected to the Employee Council again.
Tags: footwear, real life, work

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